Bendy Bouffy Shiny Volume

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Although the editorial is named “Vintage Blonde”, I thought it would be more appropriate to title the correlating blog post “Bendy Bouffy Shiny Volume” .  The B.B.S.V. is my signature. It’s a check list of adjectives my clients use to describe all they wish their hair to be and has become an inside joke with a few of my regulars who share my love for big hair. If anyone has seen me work, they know I am serious about my blow-dries. Styling has always been my first love as I fell for hairdressing backstage in my high school drama program….huge lacquered bouffants on the Doo-Wop girls in Little Shop of Horrors … 1 minute wardrobe/hair change from good Sandy to bad Sandy in summer runs of Grease… yep those were the days. Behind the chair with my clientele at Shannon Hair salon 12 years later, I believe that the hair-styling should be taken just as seriously as the haircut and color services since it is the culmination of the total look.

My models got nothing less than the full service my clients receive for this glamorous editorial. After I performed classic blonde hair-color services and my signature B.B.S.V blowout on the model’s hair at the salon, we continued this big sexy hair story at my home photo-studio for the shoot. Suitability is just as important in editorial as it is in salon work and I draw a lot of inspiration from my models. Adriana Karras’ professional image as model is modern Marilyn Monroe. To create consistency with her image, I pulled referenced that are reminiscent of the voluminous  hair of the 50’s and 60’s. To make model Lilliya Reid her retro counterpart, I imagined her as Marilyn’s rival sex symbol, Brigitte Bardot. Blessed with an incredible team for the day, I believe these blonde bombshell’s vintage inspired hair lived up to historical opulence!

So remember, next time you are in the chair, tell your hairstylist you want it Bendy, you want it Bouffy, you want it Shiny, and you want Volume!


Ashlee Norman

Special Thanks to:

Fashion Photography: Chris Norman (My Hubby, XO)

Models: Adriana Karras & Lilliya Scarlett Reid 

Makeup:  Double Take Makeup Artistry

Wardrobe:  Faking It Flawless

Wardrobe Stylist: Austin Smith

Assistant: Chelsey Earlywine

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