Joanna Jones

Joanna Jones

Joanna Alexis Jones,

Moulin Rouge happens to be my favorite movie of all time, so when my Assistant heard that the up and coming theater group For The Record  was going to perform a version of the 2001 film in conjunction with the movie director Baz Luhrmann’s other top love stories, she knew we had to go. This was the first time we saw Joanna Jones perform as Gatsby’s Daisy at the Rockwell Table and Stage in Los Feliz.  She captured our hearts and sent repeated chills through our bodies as she belted out Florence and The Machine’s “Over The Love” (check out this clip!) It was such an amazing experience we went a second time! Next we plan on watching her perform in the new For The Record compilation of movie director Quentin Tarantino films now showing at DBA in Hollywood.

It was actually my husband who suggested we approach Joanna to collaborate with on a photo shoot. At first I wasn’t sure if such a talented Actress/Singer would be interested in my blog but I was very pleased when she was excited to work with me. When we met for lunch she described her style as girly, classy, and vintage.  So for this shoot we decided to channel Audrey Hepburn and Lana Del Rey and I feel we pulled it off wonderfully!  Joanna was an excellent model and everyone had an amazing time with this shoot, as you can see in the photos.

My favorite thing about these images is how Joanna can palpably express any emotion on her face and yet remain poised and beautiful with every feeling. In addition to her incredible voice, she is a modern day classic Hollywood starlet!

Modeling, of course, was done by  Joanna Jones, Make-up by Natalie Cisneros, Styling by Austin Smith, Clothing provided by Leap in Los Feliz, Hair by yours truly, Assistant Chelsey Earlywine, and photography by my husband NormanC13.  Thank-you to everyone who participated and I hope you enjoy these beautiful photos!

Ashlee Norman.

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Saturday Morning 7-19-14

Saturday Morning 7-19-14

So we have some new additions this week.  Two adopted kittens which we named Charlie and Jake.  Charlie was named after every pet my father-in-law ever named (he named them all Charlie) and Jake was named after my favorite pet growing up, a boxer named Jake Jr. or “JJ”.  Since we have the kittens and I wanted to share them with you, I decided to do an Audrey inspired kitty cat photo shoot!



PS – Jake is the golden toned and Charlie is the silver.

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Saturday Morning 7-12-14

Saturday Morning 7-12-14

Ninja Beauty

On a double date last night my engineer husband was explaining to my friend’s boyfriend how beauty in a down economy becomes more about the natural look because it’s not financially ostentatious. Boyfriend responds, “it’s like ninja beauty”! Well, I guess that’s how men describe “Boho”. So this Saturday I’m doing a play on “I just woke up and I throw on my man’s dress shirt” aka Ninja Beauty look. It reminds of that “morning after” scene in Top Gun!

Sincerely – Ashlee

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Top Gun

Saturday Morning 7-5-14

Saturday Morning 7-5-14

July 5th 2014, freedom is in the air today!

I always love how this texture in my hair reminds me of the day before. And yesterday was a day worth remembering. This wave makes me think of braiding my wet hair after my 4th of July barbecue and pool party. Friends, family, fun, and fireworks, who could ask for more? I just release the braids in the morning to achieve this free flowing wave. I also added several small unrestrained braids. I am wearing a light and flowing cover that enhances the comfort and ease of this look and makes me want to lay by the pool in the warm evening sun.

Happy Independence Day!

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Saturday Morning 6-28-14

Saturday Morning 6-28-14

Mas Kimono

My husband and I first saw Felix Mas (Spanish painter) ‘s work at a art gallery in La Jolla cove. We feel in love with the powerful imagery of women portrayed in a soft strength. Often the hair seems to be weightless, as if defying gravity, creating effortless shapes that take on a character of their own. Also these whimsical confident females are usually wearing a kimono of some type. The modern kimono is a trending style for spring/summer in a variety of colorful prints. And since I just happened to pick one up at the Down Town LA Fashion District show room sample sales, this Saturday morning I did my best interpretation of this particular Mas painting!

La Dama de las Mariposas Mas - CopyLa Dama de las Mariposas Mas - Copy

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La Dama de las Mariposas Mas - Copy

2013-Autumn-winter-New-3-colors-FASHION-Women-Boutique-High-Quality-Phoenix-Printed-Kimono-Jacket-0061.jpg_250x250 - Copy

20140627_222948 - Copy

Saturday Morning 6-14-14

Saturday Morning 6-14-14

Slick Middle Part for Resort Wear 2014: As seen on the runway for Oscar de la Renta

I picked up this  W118 Walter Baker  dress at a sample sale on the lower east side of Manhattan. After researching Resort Wear 2014, I feel like I’m exactly on trend with the cobalt blue, lime green, bright lips, and thick brows! The slick middle part into low bun adds a touch of class to this summer vacay look!

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Saturday Morning 6-7-14

Saturday Morning 6-7-14

I just returned from a business trip in New York where I took back to back advanced classes for hair-styling. While I was there I tried to squeeze  as much shopping as possible out of a tight schedule. On one trip through the Chelsea Market where there is a space for independent retailers to sell their hand crafted merchandise, I found these flower crowns by Head Dress New York. Then at my White Rose Collective editorial styling class I learned this “effortless” braided chignon. Put the two together and I came up with today’s Saturday Morning look! My hairstyle is basically my natural texture enhanced with Bed Head Superstar: Queen for a Day Thickening Spray and two fishtail braids with Unite Expanda Dust all wrapped into a low bun. Complete with a trending hairpiece like the floras as seen at many a dessert festivals, and you have a fun feminine modern style!


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Felix Mas




Saturday Morning 5-31-14

Saturday Morning 5-31-14

After a recent trip to Hawaii I have a whole new perspective on authentic beach hair. Even though my native LA is notorious for being close to the ocean, we have a tendency to a more contrived version of the look. The key to it is “less is more”. I literally didn’t even brush my hair out of the shower. I just layer Bumble and Bumble’s new Hairdresser’s Oil Primer and their classic Surf Spray and scrunch. Then I slept on it and sprayed a little more Surf Spray in the morning and I am good to go! I love this care free by the sea style because it’s symbolic of leisure and youth. I’ve been such a workaholic and perfectionist for the last 10 years, it feels good to live a little and let my hair go natural!

- Ashlee

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Beachy Hair

Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning

Hat Hair – Graduation Style

I remember when I told my Grandmother I wanted to be a hairstylist, she told me I was going to “waste my brains.” She was one of my favorite people in the whole world, and although she meant well, that comment definitely sunk it. Undoubtedly, when your aunts have graduate degrees in Engineering and Mathematics and your closest female cousin is in dental school, it can be hard on one’s pride to follow a passion for the arts. I’ve loved doing hair as long as I can remember and started Beauty School in 2003, during my Senior in High School. I finished up my professional licensing and apprenticeship in the Beauty Industry during my Freshman and Sophomore year in college. After I got married in 2006 I took a risk and quit my college career to pursue hairdressing full time. For two years I focused on building a clientele behind the chair before I decided to go back to school part time and finish what I started in 2008. Over the past 6 years I’ve built a 300+ clientele and have been promoted to Salon Educator and then to Salon Manager at Shannon Hair Salon, all while continuing my education attending advanced industry classes at the nations top cosmetology academies and college classes in Fashion and Marketing, as well as complementing a Internship with Genlux Magazine. Monday, May 19th at 6pm, I will officially graduate with honors with a Bachelors of Science in Fashion Merchandising from California State University Northridge!

After a decade of hard work, from age 17 to age 27, I am at peace with my accomplishments and believe that if my Grandmother were alive today, she too would be proud.

Never stop fighting for your dreams and following what you love! You will prove, most importantly to yourself, that the desires of your heart are worth a lifetime of determination.


Ashlee Norman

P.S. I used an 25MM Enzo Milano curling wand and Unite Expanda-Dust hair powder to create “Pretty Hair” as taught at a recent class I took at Nine Zero One salon academy.

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Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning

Let this Victory Role!

As I fight through my last semester of full time work and part time College, the “Victory Role” hairstyle seems appropriate. Women in the 1940s rocked this style during World War II. It represented the roles of exhaust in the air left by fighter pilots preparing for war. Although the women stayed home they were very active supporting the war effort. With metal scarce, bobbin pin production was reduced and women got creative with the use of pipe cleaners to perfect their roles.

I don’t pretend to understand the hardship of this era but I do admire the ingenuity and glamour of these ladies in hard times. As most of my fellow college girls tend to resort to their sweats and messy buns during finals, I refuse to get frumpy!

Roll on Sisters – Ashlee

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Girl Power